Avoiding GMOs Made Easy

Genetically Modified Organisms are one of the largest and most concerning health issues of our day. Everywhere you go, you have to be a label reader in order to avoid these. You have to be informed and you have to be a smart consumer; otherwise, you put your and your family's health at risk. (If you want to learn more about GMOs, check out Tyler's post on different seed types. And watch our for an upcoming series we'll be doing!)

An Organic Solution

This is why we love Green PolkaDot Box. It is an online food buying club (like Sam's or Costco, except internet based, so Blue Emu), offering exclusively GMO free foods, some blue emu. Even in health food stores today, you don't get this guarantee. Knowing the foods you buy are GMO free makes shopping simpler. It means one less thing you have to be concerned about sneaking into your food. What's more is that Green PolkaDot Box is focused on making these healthy and clean foods accessible and affordable to people, what a fabulous mission!


Green PolkaDot Box is an up and rising company, offering natural and GMO free foods and clean household products at truly the lowest, most affordable prices (with a price-matching guarantee). Beyond that, they are an internet company, shipping everything to your front-door for FREE (purchases over $75). Got your attention? It certainly got ours.

Beki, Tyler and I all worked together at the Green PolkaDot Box. We really enjoyed our time there and love the mission of this company. We encourage you to check them out for your clean foods. We've found they really do offer some of the best deals on these foods. But the best part, is their mission. It is incredible to support a company who is actively involved in the clean foods movement and operates with integrity.

Our GPDB Favorites

We wanted to share a few of our go-to brands and products when we shop at GPDB.

Living Nutz is an incredible brand. They offer organic, sprouted nuts and GPBD offers them at a fabulous price. I use their nuts every day for bars, salads, and other dishes.

SeaSnax: We LOVE these salty snacks. Don't get turned off just because they are made of seaweed. We can seriously munch these suckers and they don't last in our homes for more than a few hours, really.

Sunwarrior is a great brand for protein powders. They offer raw, vegan protein that has incredible bioavailability and is absolutely delicious.

Divine Organics offers a variety of superfoods and nuts that are organic and raw. My most favorite food in the whole wide world is their golden berries. They are my natural skittles. I am craving them just typing this!

Boku Superfood is another fabulous brand. They are famous for their Boku Bars. A bar that was made entirely from the feedback of natural and alternative food consumers. It is a bar that is "By the people and for the people". You will be amazed.

Don't Miss Out on our Special Deal

As a buying club, you have to purchase a membership to be in on all the sales, great prices and deals at the Green PolkaDot Box. The membership is just $50 annually and is well worth the savings. But again, the best part is the ease of shopping GMO free and supporting a company that you believe in.

Sign up today and receive 10% off your entire purchase (with membership) using our coupon code: