It's All About Motivation - What Drives You?

I've been pretty lucky in the past year and I have been doing lot's of travelling, which is incidentally why this blog has been somewhat ignored for a while. But during my travels and having settled in back at home (I live in the UK by the way) I have learned a lot about my own diet/fitness motivations and the secrets to my own success (or in some cases failure).

This isn't going to be a long post, I just wanted to post something, enough to notify the world that I'm here again and also to share some thoughts - that's what blogging is about right?

Back Story

I have been "into" fitness for a while and I have always true botanicals tried to eat reasonably well and stay in shape - There have been times when I have been very fit and others when I let things slip a little - I recon that's common though, even among fitness fanatics.

But when I went travelling, and in the run up if I'm honest, the diet definitely started slipping. Mainly due to apathy and then due to the amazing cuisine in Asia:

Up To Now

So anyway, while I was travelling I started gaining weight, and having a hell of a time mind you. But what gave me a reality check was when after a trip to a waterfall one day in Malaysia I looked at the photos and realized that I was perhaps the most overweight I had ever been.

Of course overweight is a relative term - I wouldn't like to imply that I was in danger of obesity, but the fact is that I had gained a lot of bodyfat and my 6 pack was well and truly buried.

This isn't a sob story, but the point is that that was my "wake up call" that got me back on track. Since then I have been using photos to track my progress because they provide such an easy way to monitor how you look and whether your diet/training is working.

About Motivation

When I look at two side by side photos and see the weight that I have lost that encourages me to keep going because I can see the progress. If one month I don't see any progress I know that I have to double down and try even harder.

That's Not The End Of The Story Though!!

So anyway, I've been back in England for a couple of months now, and I have to say I have also come to realise that what you are doing is oh so important.

In Asia I used IF to drop the weight quickly without too much muscle loss and it was really quite easy, but I now realise that a part of the reason it was so easy was that I was always busy, always comfortable and never stressed.

Bordom & Stress Cause Eating!

For me at least. So since getting home and settling back into real life I have had to try that much harder. Especially since I work for myself, so I am usually at home during the day.

The moral of this story is that:

You need to find what motivates you and keep reminding yourself of it
You need to find your weaknesses that cause you to relapse and avoid them
Simple really, do those two things perfectly and you will always stay on track. Easier said than done though, I'll admit.